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Bistro - the Best iPhone Sites That Rock

We were tired of browsing websites on our iPhones. Instead of reading, we were pinching, squeezing, zooming, panning just to find the right content. The good news, a lot of websites have reformatted their content to fit well on an iPhone. Problem is most of us don't know where they are and probably too lazy to bookmark each one as we find them.

That's how Bistro was born. We were simply looking for the Best iPhone Sites That Rock. We love the acronym. Hope you do too. Each Bistro edition has a unique collection of websites that are easy on the eye and grouped according to the specific topics, like News, Technology, UK news, International news, Entertainment, Food etc.

Bistro looks like this...

With a home screen that is updated every time we find a great site. It allows you to bookmark a page and send a page to a friend.

The best part? It's absolutely FREE!

Visit our Bistro homepage to see what's currently available. There are lots more to come.

And if you find a great one that we don't have, let us know and we'll add it to the list.