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Send A Bunny



The Halloween Bunny is now available in both the Lite and Full versions.

Nobody ever says no to a bunny. They're cute, cuddly and fun.

Send a bunny to a friend or a loved one today. Do you know someone who's sad or ill? or maybe it's a birthday or a celebration. Send a cute 'Think of you' pink bunny or a 'I am annoyed' bright red bunny to break the ice.

It's Easter time, send a bunny to everyone you know!

Choose from 12 cute bunnies (and more to come). Add your personal touch and color your bunny from over 60 colors. Write a message to go with each bunny.

There's always a bunny and a greeting that suits the occassion.

No limit to the number of bunnies that you can send. How about a group bunny hug for all your closest friends. Make sure they send one back to you.

All emails are sent by you so no missing bunnies being swallowed by spam filters or junk mail.

REQUIREMENTS: Bunnies are always sent by you via your Mail application. Therefore you must have configured your Mail application on your iPod Touch or iPhone to use this application. If you are offline, your Mail program will send the pending email when you are connected to the Internet.