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TheGoodBlogs Midi to Ocarina Converter

Convert Midi files to Songbird Ocarina Scores version 1.1
Upload a midi file and we'll convert it to a Songbird Ocarina score for you to enjoy.

MIDI file (*.mid) to upload:
 6 hole - 18 note ocarina - Extended Range Sweet Potato
 12 hole - 21 note ocarina - Oot (Legend of Zelda)

Rest note (0 - 127)

Leave this field blank if you are unsure.

If you have a midi editor, this allows you to define one note of your choice as a rest note and insert that note in your midi file where you want rests e.g. you can use 127 so when we see that note in the midi sequence, we insert a rest.

Display an Ocarina Score

You can display the score by inserting the sequence that you previously saved.


What is an ocarina?

An ocarina is an ancient wind instrument much like a flute. It usually has 4 to 12 holes and a mouth tube through which you blow. You can find more about the ocarina here.

How much does the converter cost to use?

The use of this converter is absolutely free. We're just happy to be able to help Ocarina players find more music to play. We do encourage you to share any good scores with your fellow Ocarina fans Smule.


To read more about why we did this, visit TheIdeaDude


All feedback is welcome. However we cannot guarantee we will implement all new feature requests. You can send use feedback at


We do not store any of the midi files that you upload for the purpose of converting to Ocarina scores. They are discarded once the conversion is done.

We do not provide any midi files. There are plenty of midi resources on the Internet that will do so.

How it works

What the converter does

The midi standard consists of music tracks and within each track you can output notes to specific channels of a midi instrument. Sometimes a composer may use more than one track for a particular instrument, e.g. to define drum sequences. Or a solo piece may be defined in a different track even though it shares the same channel as another track.

The converter breaks down all the tracks and the channels within the track and attempts to convert them to an ocarina score. The score you are looking for is the one that contains the melody of the piece. It is easier for a human to spot the melody than for us to automatically detect it, so we try to convert all of them. Some tracks/channels may be inappropriate e.g. it is the drum sequence, the rhythm section or a bass line.

Why we discard notes?

The range of the Songbird Ocarina is 18 notes (semitones). If the midi sequence has more than 18, we discard the topmost notes before we do the conversion. We show you where the notes have been omitted, so you can find a suitable substitution.


Because the Ocarina is a very simple instrument and the midi can specify many instruments and arrangements, some midi files may not convert well. Sometimes, it is possible to extract the whole melody while at other times, the next best thing is to take a portion of the output.

Our hope is with the converter, more people will be able to play more tunes without having to know how to read and transpose music.