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Updated: 3 years 28 weeks ago

How to recover iPhone and iPad data from a backup without the device’s passcode

Tue, 10/20/2020 - 07:00

Apple strongly protects data stored on an iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Apple Watch, and macOS (with FileVault enabled or a T2 Security Chip, or both). However, there’s an exception for mobile devices that can be useful in extremis, such as if you’ve forgotten your passcode (say, for an older device), you’re helping someone who has forgotten it (possibly due to dementia or an accident), or you need to recover data that you’ve inherited or are working on on behalf of a family.

iOS and iPadOS backups aren’t nearly as secure as the data stored on devices. This means you may be able to retrieve a backup with all the data—even including stored passwords and other personal information—to another device under your control.

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Golly, 5G: Apple’s big marketing tool is not all there yet

Tue, 10/20/2020 - 06:15

You might have missed this during Apple’s “Hi, Speed” event last week about the iPhone 12, because the Macalope isn’t sure if the company mentioned it or not, but at long last you can buy an iPhone and enjoy the blazing speeds delivered by 5G.



Hang on, the Macalope’s intern is staring at him.

What is it, Carl? It’s always something with this kid, swear to God.

Oh. Huh. The Macalope is being informed that may not be the case for, uh, well, most everyone.

Yes, turns out a funny thing happened on the way to the colosseum, which Verizon CEO Hans Vestberg insisted during Apple’s event we’ll all be back in soon so you’d better get those high-speed phones now.

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Apple releases watchOS 7.0.3 update for Apple Watch Series 3

Mon, 10/19/2020 - 18:32

Apple Watch Series 3 owners: Apple has released an update for you. With watchOS 7.0.3, Apple says the update has bug fixes, include one that addresses an issue where the watch will unexpectedly restart.

A watchOS 7.0.3 update for owners of other Apple Watch models has not been released. The current version for those watches is watchOS 7.0.2.

How to install watchOS 7.0.3

Before you install the update, you must place your Apple Watch on its charger. Also, the watch needs to be within range of your iPhone connected to Wi-Fi. Then follow these steps:

  1. On your iPhone, launch the Watch app.

  2. Tap General.

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Government warns of remote attack against Windows PCs editing iPhone video

Mon, 10/19/2020 - 16:42
The U.S. government is warning users that a vulnerability in how Windows PCs handle an HEVC video codec used by Apple iPhones could be used to take over their PCs.

How to toggle location precision for apps in iOS 14 and iPadOS 14

Mon, 10/19/2020 - 07:00

A modern smartphone uses navigational satellites—sometimes drawing from multiple orbital systems—as well as cellular towers, Bluetooth hints, and Wi-Fi router locations to produce an awfully precise location. My family’s iPhones are often tracked not just at our house but—when looking in the Find My app—to each of our nearly exactly locations in our home within a few feet.

That might be too much when you’re giving a third-party app your location even once, but especially whenever the app is in the foreground, or, for rare apps, continuously in the background. In iOS 14 and iPadOS 14, Apple added a switch to let you choose to offer either precision or “fuzzed” locations to apps—and by extension to any third parties that the apps might work with, who receive location information as well.

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HomePod mini: What it means to Apple’s smart speaker lineup

Mon, 10/19/2020 - 06:15

There was big news out of Cupertino last Tuesday—big news! Apple announced a new, smaller version of one of its products at a cheaper price point, potentially opening it up to a whole new class of customers.

I speak, of course, of the HomePod mini.

Yes, yes, there were iPhones as well, but I found myself more drawn to the new, smaller, and 100-percent more globular smart speaker. Part of that may have been intrigue, yes, but a more substantial reason is that I'm trying to figure out exactly what Apple's strategy for this product line is. Which, coincidentally, is exactly what Apple seems to be doing.

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Amrobt MAX HEPA11 Air Purifier review: Cleaner air is just a click away

Mon, 10/19/2020 - 06:00
With multiple modes and remote app control, this purifier makes it easy to monitor and improve your home's air quality.

What the iPhone 12 means for 5G

Fri, 10/16/2020 - 17:00
Apple will almost certainly sell millions of iPhone 12s. With millions of new 5G users, will carriers accelerate the rate of 5G deployment? And when can consumers expect to get the most out of 5G speeds? Computerworld executive editor Ken Mingis and Macworld senior writer Michael Simon join Juliet Beauchamp to discuss how the iPhone 12 may or may not change the 5G landscape and who exactly can take advantage of these new speeds.(

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