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Add a banner to your Signature

Based on customer feedback, Signature Pro has been updated to allow you to add an image after each signature. Many business people like to add a logo or a banner to the end of their signatures. We recommend images that are wide rather than high. e.g. 320 wide by 60 high.


Each of these images can be assigned a custom link or url that will take the recipient to a web page of your choice.


If you have a business with a website, the chances are you already have a logo or image that is accessible through the web. When adding the custom image to your signature, choose Use Web Image and simply enter the url to the image on your website.

If you have a logo but not a website that is hosting that particular image, you can add that image to your photo album through iTunes. When you edit your signature, choose Pick from Photo Library.

Otherwise, you can simply choose something from your camera roll or take a picture with your camera too.