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New Skype, Wordpress, Gmail, Digg, Tumblr, Email hotlinks in Email Signature

Both Email Signature and Email Signature Pro has updated hotlinks to support
Gmail, Skype, WordPress, Digg, Tumblr and Email.

Email Signature is the best signature application available for the Apple iPhone / iPod Touch. A must-have for all business professionals.

Click here for more on Email Signature Pro

Advanced features in Email Signature Pro

The latest Email Signature Pro contains the following advanced features:

  • Reset you signature data to the beginning of the current session. Useful if you make changes to your signatures and want to undo those changes.
  • Export your signatures for use with your desktop and notebook email clients. (see our link on how to do this Using your signature on your desktop or notebook)

How to Reply to an email with a Signature

To use your email signature when replying to an email, do the the following:

1) Hit the reply button in Apple Mail
2) Exit Apple Mail by using the Menu button (the hardware button at the bottom of your iPhone)
3) Run the Email Signature app, and select your signature
4) Your selected signature will be inserted into the reply email
5) Compose and send the email as normal

Note: follow the same procedure to forward an email.

This process is required due to the limitations that Apple applies to ALL Third Party applications, Email Signature Pro included.

Email Signature Pro updated

Email Signature Pro has been updated and available in the Appstore. Changes include the ability to specify whether the custom banner image is placed before or after your signature.

Click here for more info on how to get Email Signature Pro

Create up to 6 amazing signatures with pictures from your camera or photo library. Link to all your favorite social networking sites. Add a custom image to promote your business.

Add a banner to your Signature

Based on customer feedback, Signature Pro has been updated to allow you to add an image after each signature. Many business people like to add a logo or a banner to the end of their signatures. We recommend images that are wide rather than high. e.g. 320 wide by 60 high.


Each of these images can be assigned a custom link or url that will take the recipient to a web page of your choice.


KissStickies one of the first to integrate Facebook on iPhone

KissStickies was updated today on Apple iTunes AppStore. Based on the wildly popular KissStickies app, the update now allows users to send KissStickies to their Facebook friends without leaving the application.

Visit us at KissStickies for more details and screenshots

TheGoodBlogs Explorer Updated

TheGoodBlogs Explorer for the Apple iPhone and iPod Touch has been update. Users can now view blogs by selecting various categories.

Categories currently available are: Art, Auto, BlogSisters, Business, Christianity, Consumer, Democrats, Education, Entertainment, Food, Fun, Games, Health, International, Life, Marketing, Mom, Republicans, Science, Technology, Theatre, Venture Capital, Wine and Writing.

For more details, visit us at

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