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There are blue borders around the hotlinks when I receive a signature

*** Bug fix included in next release ***

Some browsers will put a blue border around images. We have submitted a fix for this and it will be available automatically in the next update.

Why are my phone numbers and address in blue and underline when the recipient receives the email?

If your text in the signature has an address, looks like a url eg. or a telephone, many browsers will take the text and make it an active link. On the iPhone it means, tapping on an address brings up Google Maps and tapping on a telephone number will bring up the phone dialer. In Yahoo mail, clicking on the telephone number will ask you to add the number to your contacts.

Tool for finding your Signature images

We have just released a tool to help our users of Signature and Signature Lite to locate the URL of their image on the Internet.

(Note: URL or Uniform Resource Locator is the technical term for an Internet Web address, e.g.

We have received a number of emails from users saying that the URL they entered in Signature (Pro or Lite) for their image is incorrect. What they actually entered was the URL of the page containing the image and not the URL of image itself. e.g. the URL of the page may be and the URL of the image is actually

There are two ways to find the URL of the image.

I can't find the URL for my image in Mobile Me Gallery

The Mobile Me Gallery interface doesn't support hot-linking to its images. i.e. there is no explicit URL that will allow you to link to a specific image.

The solution is to download the image from the Mobile Me Gallery, then
upload it to a free hosting service, for example ImageBucket, Flickr etc,
which do allow direct access to images.

We apologize for the inconvenience, but there's no reliable workaround the
Mobile Me Gallery restrictions.

How do I add an image to my signature?

You need to specify a image hosted on a free image hosting site like
Flickr, ImageBucket etc.

An example would be

We wanted to use images from the photo library initially. However if we
inserted a local image in the email, most email readers like Outlook,
Thunderbird or other web-mail readers do not display it, because this has
been, and still is a big spam issue. Currently only Apple products display

In the end, we compromised by referencing an image hosted on the Internet.

(Fixed) Signature causes my Mail application to sometimes crash.

We have found an problem with image URLs that have spaces in the URL. This may cause the Mail Application to crash on iPhones running 3.0 or later. It appears that any image url in html sent to the Mail app will cause it to crash. (spaces in other html like anchors etc. does not appear to have the same issue).

Solution or Workaround is:
a) When naming your images, make sure you do not put spaces eg. "my picture.jpg" should be "mypicture.jpg", "my_picture.jpg" or "my-picture.jpg" when you upload your picture to the website that is hosting your image.

Signature updated in Apple iTunes AppStore

Today our update Signature application was approved for download by Apple. The update includes some fixes for iPhone 3.0 compatibility.

We took the opportunity to add functionality to support Facebook and LinkedIn users who have user-defined names as part of their URLs instead of just numeric ids.

Join hundreds of satisfied users, visit our Signature page for more details

Signature Lite available for Free download on Apple iTunes AppStore

A lot of people asked us if there was any way they could try Signature for free. So we obliged. From today, you can download Signature Lite for your Apple iPhone / iPod Touch.

Signature Lite allows you to customize one signature and add one hotlink. It's the perfect choice if you only have one signature and want to add your image and details. Once you try it, we're sure you'll want to upgrade to the Pro version.

Click here for more details on Signature and Signature Lite

(Fixed) Test Hot Link crashes in Apple iPhone 3.0?

*** Update: this issue has been resolved in latest release ***

We have found an incompatibility running Signature under iPhone OS 3.0. If you have upgraded to OS 3.0, pressing Test Hot Link in the Edit Hot Link view may cause the application to quit. We have submitted a fix and waiting for Apple approval.

How do I put in my LinkedIn custom username?

*** Update: this issue has been resolved in latest release ***

Currently Signature only supports the public profile url if you have not created a custom username. Signature has been modified to also accept LinkedIn usernames. The updated application is currently under review with Apple and will be available soon.

Currently we only support the non custom url format ie.

The workaround until the next update is either
a) Check if you have the old style link stored somewhere e.g. you emailed a friend or business colleague

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