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The Golden Key and Other Stories, a George MacDonald Compilation for Free download

We've just release a compilation of 6 books by George MacDonald. It's a Free download for Apple iPhone and iPod Touch.

The six stories in this volume include:

1. The Golden Key - It's found at the end of the rainbow, but what does it open?
2. Cross Purposes - The fairy queen wants a mortal or two at her court.
3. The Lost Princess - Can a princess change her spots?
4. The Shadows - They know more all about the human heart.
5. The Giant's Heart - A re-telling of a Norwegian fairy tale.

Signature Lite available for Free download on Apple iTunes AppStore

A lot of people asked us if there was any way they could try Signature for free. So we obliged. From today, you can download Signature Lite for your Apple iPhone / iPod Touch.

Signature Lite allows you to customize one signature and add one hotlink. It's the perfect choice if you only have one signature and want to add your image and details. Once you try it, we're sure you'll want to upgrade to the Pro version.

Click here for more details on Signature and Signature Lite

TheGoodBlogs Explorer is now iPhone 3.0 compatible

Made some minor tweaks to make TheGoodBlogs Explorer compatible with the new iPhone 3.0 OS. Otherwise it is still the same great app the makes discovering new blogs fun!

Visit us at for more details.

Apple iPhone Applications exceed 64,000

There are over 64,000 iPhone / iPod Touch applications available as of today. To buy them all, you would need a cool $149,000 USD. For your money you would own about 78% of all the apps. You would have to download the rest for free (22%). You would also own 22,000 free and paid games and if you're still bored, you'll have 6,300 books to read.

Not bad for an AppStore that just passed it's 1 Billionth download recently. Of course, even though only 22% of the apps are free, the 80/20 applies where over 80% are probably free downloads.

(Fixed) Test Hot Link crashes in Apple iPhone 3.0?

*** Update: this issue has been resolved in latest release ***

We have found an incompatibility running Signature under iPhone OS 3.0. If you have upgraded to OS 3.0, pressing Test Hot Link in the Edit Hot Link view may cause the application to quit. We have submitted a fix and waiting for Apple approval.

SendABunny for Father's Day

Our latest SendaBunny for Father's Day month. Available this month only on SendaBunny Lite and always available on our paid version of SendaBunny.

How do I put in my LinkedIn custom username?

*** Update: this issue has been resolved in latest release ***

Currently Signature only supports the public profile url if you have not created a custom username. Signature has been modified to also accept LinkedIn usernames. The updated application is currently under review with Apple and will be available soon.

Currently we only support the non custom url format ie.

The workaround until the next update is either
a) Check if you have the old style link stored somewhere e.g. you emailed a friend or business colleague

How do I put in my Facebook username when Signature requires me to put in my numeric userid?

*** Update: this issue has been resolved in latest release ***

The new username feature from Facebook was released after Signature was released in the Apple Appstore. Signature has been modified to also accept Facebook usernames. The updated application is currently under review with Apple and will be available soon.

George MacDonald eBooks now available on iTunes AppStore

We've just published 4 eBooks by George MacDonald.





Click here to see more ebooks

Signature - the premier business app for the Apple iPhone / iPod Touch

Whether its business or pleasure, we all have multiple roles in our lives. It could be several businesses, hobbies, clubs, friends etc. We wrote Signature because we wanted to use it ourselves. I'm sure many other people will too.

Today, we're excited to announce Signature 1.0 is available on the Apple iTunes AppStore for iPhone and iPod Touch.

Whether it's a new email or one that you are forwarding or replying to, add your personal touch with one of 6 fully customizable emails.

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