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Bistro European News available in Apple App Store

Bistro European News is now available in the Apple Appstore.

Bistro apps include food, entertainment, business, technology, country-specific news. Instead of searching and bookmarking great sites that are designed for the iPhone and iPod Touch, use Bistro to get you there in one tap. Best part is all our Bistro apps are FREE!

Visit our Bistro page for all the apps that are now available

German Signature Review reviewed our Signature app and gave it a thumbs-up. They are the largest German-speaking, independent iPhone-only blog around.

"Definitely worth the investment!"

If you speak German, visit them at to read the review and other great iPhone related content.

Bistro - the Best iPhone Sites That Rock

We were tired of browsing websites on our iPhones. Instead of reading, we were pinching, squeezing, zooming, panning just to find the right content. The good news, a lot of websites have reformatted their content to fit well on an iPhone. Problem is most of us don't know where they are and probably too lazy to bookmark each one as we find them.

So I LOVE – truly, madly, deeply – Signature from IdeasUnplugged

That's the way Chrisa described Signature at iPhone App Review. We get quite a few emails from our raving fans that often use "Love" and "Signature" in the same sentence. But it's great to see it out there on an independent site.

We're thrilled and hope more people get to try Signature. I'm sure they'll feel the same way too!

Kiss Stickes apps updated for iPhone 3.0

KissStickies 2.0 and KissStickies Lite 2.0 were approved by Apple today. The biggest change if you have iPhone 3.0 or higher installed, you can send multiple kisses without leaving the app to launch the mail app. The mail app is integrated into the KissStickies app. For more info and screenshots, visit us here

All eBooks from IdeasUnplugged are now free!

For a limited time only, all ebooks from IdeasUnplugged are now free! Yes $0. Go ahead and enjoy them.

New release of Signature and Signature Lite

Signature and Signature Lite has just received major updates and are now available in the AppStore. Biggest feature is the ability to use an image from your iPhone camera or from your photo album.

Great Wall of Apple Apps

We thought it would be fun to create a virtual wall following Apple's wall of apps at MacWorld. There are over 75,000 apps in the AppStore as of last week. I would be pretty big wall for anyone to download (probably over 300MB) by our estimate. So we broke the wall into small pieces.

The wall can be found at the Great Wall of Apple.

Click on the top right hand icon in the wall to move to the next part of the wall.

To view a specify category, click on the category in the menu above. Hope you have a lot of fun.

Signature updated in Apple iTunes AppStore

Today our update Signature application was approved for download by Apple. The update includes some fixes for iPhone 3.0 compatibility.

We took the opportunity to add functionality to support Facebook and LinkedIn users who have user-defined names as part of their URLs instead of just numeric ids.

Join hundreds of satisfied users, visit our Signature page for more details

The Golden Key and Other Stories, a George MacDonald Compilation for Free download

We've just release a compilation of 6 books by George MacDonald. It's a Free download for Apple iPhone and iPod Touch.

The six stories in this volume include:

1. The Golden Key - It's found at the end of the rainbow, but what does it open?
2. Cross Purposes - The fairy queen wants a mortal or two at her court.
3. The Lost Princess - Can a princess change her spots?
4. The Shadows - They know more all about the human heart.
5. The Giant's Heart - A re-telling of a Norwegian fairy tale.

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