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KissStickies Lite available for Free download from iTunes AppStore

KissStickies Lite a Free version of KissStickies our best selling social networking app is now available for download for the Apple iTunes AppStore.

Visit us at KissStickies for more details and download links

SendABunny launches in Apple iTunes AppStore

We're excited to launch SendaBunny, our latest social networking app for the Apple iPhone / iPod Touch.

Nobody ever says no to a bunny. They're cute, cuddly and fun.

Send a bunny to a friend or a loved one today. Do you know someone who's sad or ill? or maybe it's a birthday or a celebration. Send a cute 'Think of you' pink bunny or a 'I am annoyed' bright red bunny to break the ice.

Visit us at SendaBunny for more details, screenshots and download information

KissStickies launches on Apple iTunes AppStore

We're thrilled to announce our latest social networking app, KissStickies.

Send a personalized Kiss to your favorite person today.

1. Send a Kiss Stickie in three easy steps. First, choose from classic lips to funky, outrageous ones.
2. Next, select the lipstick color from passionate reds like Dusky Rose or Classic Rouge. Feeling daring? Try our Aqua Foam or Sunset Orange. Colors you wouldn't dare wear yourself but always wanted to try!

TheGoodBlogs Explorer Updated

TheGoodBlogs Explorer for the Apple iPhone and iPod Touch has been update. Users can now view blogs by selecting various categories.

Categories currently available are: Art, Auto, BlogSisters, Business, Christianity, Consumer, Democrats, Education, Entertainment, Food, Fun, Games, Health, International, Life, Marketing, Mom, Republicans, Science, Technology, Theatre, Venture Capital, Wine and Writing.

For more details, visit us at

TheGoodBlogs Explorer - Free blog browser for Apple iPhone

We excited to announce our first iPhone application, TheGoodBlogs Explorer. This is a free application to browse some of the best blogs in the Blogosphere. TheGoodBlogs is fun, quick and easy. Discover new blogs today and find out what you're missing.

TheGoodBlogs is our other site that promotes bloggers who otherwise may not be seen in all the noise in the blogosphere. We help bloggers and readers to find good blogs that they would otherwise may never see.

Also visit us at

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